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2022 National Course

There may be changes or updates since these recordings

Topic: Metro 2022 -2023 National Course
Time: Oct 26, 2022 08:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Note: When entering scores in ProScore for NCAA Meets. make sure to put Stick Bonus in start score do not use + Neutral "Dcduction"

Changes from Last year(Credit to Kathie-Sue Rupp):

> Rings: EG III elements are now grouped more by type of swing entry (instead of final hold position)

> Parallel Bars: Salto forward to support-type elements were added to the list of elements not to be recognized for value if arm bend exceeds 90°

>High Bar: Removed small and large deductions for entry angle deviations for Endos, Stalders & Weilers (Now lists only -0.3 for any entry angle deviation regardless of severity)

Week 2

October 26, 2022


  • Questions???

    • Review again on Aguliar PH Dismount (hand goes back to start russian.

    • " Lack of body extension in circles and flairs. Each element". (lets watch Brody Malone PH for this discussion.​

  • Start Judging with 3 E-Panel V 

  • 3 FIG D and E Panel PB 

  • 3 FIG D and E Panel HB

  • if time E-panel and discussions on Brody Malone's Routines (all 6) 

Brody Malone All Events


E-Panel: 1.2-0.7

PB 1

JR FIG 1E, 3D, 3C, 1A   EG:2.0

E-Panel 2.5 - 1.8

A2 D1 D3 C3 C3 E3 D3 REP C4

HB 1

 1E, 3C, 2B, 1A EG 2.0

A1 C3 D3 C3 C2 B3 B1 REP X E4

1E, 3C, 2B, 1A

No credit for Quast.



E-Panel: 1.0-0.5

E-Panel: 1.3-0.7

PB 2

JR FIG  2D, 2C, 1B, 3A   EG:2.0

E-Panel 2.3 - 1.8

A3 A1 B1 D1 C1 A2 C1 D4

PB 3

1 D, 3C, 1B, 3A EG 2.0

E-Panel 1.7 - 1.3

A3 A1 B1C3 C3 A1 REP D3 A2 C4 EG 2.0

HB 2

2C, 4B, 2A   EG 1.5

E-Panel 4.1-3.1

A1 A1 B3 B1 C3 REP B3 B1 REP C4


HB 3

2C, 3B, 3A   EG 2.0

E-Panel  3.0-3.5

A1 A1 X B2 B3 A1 C3 B3 REP REP C4

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